Deep Spiritual Sight: Why Some Christians Cannot See

Have you ever wondered why some Christians seem to be so blind?

Many Christians lack deep spiritual sight.

Or if we flip the coin, have you ever poo-pah’ed a Christian who has said something you don’t agree with?

You did not know it at the time, but you could have been wrong.

Take me for example. A few years ago, I would scoff at Christians posting things on Facebook about very wealthy preachers being false prophets, but today, I can’t understand how my fellow brothers and sisters can’t SEE what I see!

How did my view change from a few years back to what it is now? I paid a price to get spiritual insight. It was not free. It was painful.

Although my eyes were opened – as all of ours are when we get saved – there are “levels” we need to progress to, and we can’t SEE the next level until we get to it.

For Christians to be able to SEE more and more, they have to pay a price, for to be able to see that which others cannot, is not free.

We have to pay a price for sight.

The Holy Spirit, through Gwen Shaw, says, “Either I or you must pay a price. The price of your salvation was so great, you were unable to pay for it, so I did. Now, in order for you to progress, you too must pay a great price.”

He continues by saying, “The first of these is gold. I would refine you and melt you down and make out of you pure and precious gold, tried and true, but you must invest your whole life into trusting Me to make pure gold out of you.

The second valuable, priceless thing you need to strive to obtain by great acts of self-sacrifice, is white raiment, the heavenly robe of purity.”

But this means tests of loyalty and faithfulness on earth.

The Lord continues saying through Gwen Shaw, that “the third thing you must seek for is eye salve. There is a salve which gives deep, spiritual insight into situations.

Most of My children do not have it because they do not pay the price.
The lack of this insight makes it difficult for them to make the correct decisions regarding essential things in their life. They make rash and foolish decisions, often missing My best for them.”

So there you have it. Sight that goes beyond salvation, has to be paid for, for it is not free.

If you would like more SIGHT to SEE, pray this (but ponder it first, because it means trials to come): Lord Jesus, I wish to have more sight to see. I understand that it won’t be an easy price to pay. Please help me to pay the price for holy eye salve, so that I can see and understand and progress to where You want me to be on this earth. In Jesus Name, amen.

Claire Carradice

Claire Carradice is the founder of Reset Exchange, a resource that helps people reset their minds in order to experience the fullness of life and the wonder of God.

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