How Christians Block God’s Magic

God loves you. He has always loved you. He will always love you, no matter what you do.

When you give your heart to Jesus, you are saved by His grace, and on your way to glorious heaven.

But is that really all you want? Because there is so much more. God has not changed from Biblical times. He still performs miracles, He still can make bushes burn without us lighting them! The reason we don’t see awesome stuff is because we as Christians, block His magic by not walking closely with Him.

In fact, for me personally, although I look forward to heaven, it is not my primary concern.

No, I have tasted the magic of God. And when you taste His magic, you just want more.

But most Christians, although saved, will never taste of God’s super magic. And many will not get to live the exciting, fulfilling destiny God has planned for them. It is not true that you will be brought into your destiny no matter what. It is possible to miss God’s plan for you, although you will stay saved, don’t get me wrong.

I know I want all that God has planned for me – do you?

Many Christians do not know what they need to do to come closer to God, or they fear stopping to live life on their terms, but they’re actually spiting themselves. Badly. Here’s why: because the things of this world give short term pleasure which simply puff away like a fragile bubble, leaving emptiness in its stead.

Life for those Christians looks the same as the person who has not given their heart to Jesus.

But when you make a choice to live a life of righteousness that pleases God, exchanging secular music for Christian music, taking care not to watch any old thing on TV, not living together before marriage and so on, you are richly rewarded, because the more the barriers between Him and you are removed, and the more time you spend in His presence, the sweeter and more powerful your relationship becomes.

In fact, when you’ve tasted the magic of God, you will crave more of it. It will leave you panting for more.

It. Is. So. Good.

Because magic belongs to God. But most Christians miss it because 1) they’ve never been taught that things like secular music, some TV, some books etc. are bad for their souls, or 2) they want to keep living as they please.

The hard part is only to make the choice. After that, God takes care of the sorrow you may feel at dumping your favourite song or TV thriller.

Ask me, I know.

Living your best life means making choices that are sometimes hard, but the rewards are truly amazing; supernatural and exciting. I certainly don’t ever want to live a day without trying to live the life God wants me to live, because He makes life such fun when you walk side by side with Him!

If you want to chat about the realities of living a righteous life, just message me. I will help you.


Claire Carradice

Claire Carradice is the founder of Reset Exchange, a resource that helps people reset their minds in order to experience the fullness of life and the wonder of God.

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